Performing Home: Works Presented

Anita Gonzalez & Joel Valentín-Martínez/The Living Lakes

An excerpt from The Living Lakes, a multi-disciplinary dance theatre project that explores African American and Latino migrations in the Midwest between 1915 and 1935, focusing on community enclaves and sites of labor. Through tableaux, dance movement landscapes, projections, and vocalized soundscapes, The Living Lakes tells the story of multi-ethnic families making a place for themselves as they travel from South to North.

Paige Fraser/(re)location

 In her first major choreographic work, Fraser reflects upon the meaning of "home” within the context of the African Diaspora. (re)location is inspired by the journey that Fraser’s ancestors underwent from the African continent to Jamaica, the UK, and America. Dance is movement and movement is (re)location.

J’Sun Howard/excerpt from Working on Better Versions of Prayers

This never-before-seen excerpt from Howard’s forthcoming evening-length work deals with home: the displacement around ideas of the father. Working on Better Versions of Prayers is a poetic testimony that seeks to make a charismatic space for joy, perform the intimacy between queer men of color, and explore the work of practicing freedom. It flirts with notions of divine radical presence and how it sanctifies.

Joshua Kent/CloisterSong

Through utilitarian movements and chanted text, CloisterSong explores the veiled domestic of those who facilitate and support the interior lives of others. Centralizing historically femme narratives of motherhood, nuns, and those who provide emotional or supportive care, CloisterSong posits labor as a unifying force within cultural systems that discredit and yet are sustained by feminized work.Per